POLYLUBE 40 – PVC Dispersant Aid

POLYLUBE 40 is an organic chemistry based dispersant agent for PVC which depressant the viscosity and improve the process ability to obtain better characteristics of the end product.

Strong reduction of the viscosity of the paste or PVC-plastisol

Reduced dispersion time

Higher pigment/filler loading

Improved flow behavior

Homogenous distribution of the solid particles

Reduced sedimentation

Improved storage stability

Less dosage, High efficiency, Low viscosity

Good water solubility, good compatibility with ethylene glycol and propy-lene glycol, used in glossy and semi-gloss emulsion paints, can get excellent initial gloss, after aging, it still maintains gloss. For highly hydrophobic pigments, it can significantly improve its toning performance and reduce the amount of wetting agent. The molecular structure of the special group makes it have excellent water resistance, high efficiency and low dosage, and improves the water resistance of the paint film. Under the same conditions, it has long-term dispersing ability, the viscosity of the coating system is quite stable, and the viscosity remains unchanged during the storage period. It has low-foaming properties, and the coating is in a low-foaming state during manufacture and use.



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