Rodent Repel – Defending your space with unwanted guests

When it comes to rodents, their heightened sense of smell gives them an edge – they’re irresistibly drawn to plastic products due to the presence of plasticizers, aromatic odors, vibrant colors, and the unique texture of polymer materials. These critters possess an innate urge to gnaw, constantly seeking surfaces to sharpen their incisor teeth. The consequences? Your power cables, plastic doors, wires, sidings, benches, molded plastic parts, and even drip irrigation pipes fall prey to their relentless chewing. Polynexxt AR10 unleashes a novel deterrent mechanism that rodents can’t outsmart.

Rodents can have several detrimental effects on plastic products:

1. Material Damage : Rodents may gnaw on plastic materials, causing physical damage and compromising the structural integrity of the products.

2. Contamination : Rodents can introduce contaminants such as feces, urine, and hair, leading to hygiene and quality issues in plastic products.

3. Production Disruptions : Infestations in manufacturing facilities can lead to disruptions in production processes, affecting efficiency and timely delivery of plastic products.

4. Financial Loss : The damage caused by rodents can result in financial losses due to the need for product replacement, increased maintenance costs, and potential downtime in production.

5. Quality Control Issues : Rodent-related damage may lead to quality control challenges, affecting the overall standards and safety of plastic products.

Implementing effective pest control measures and maintaining a clean and secure production environment are essential in mitigating these impacts and ensuring the quality of plastic products.


  • Dissuades rodents from attacking polymers
  • Long lasting effectiveness due to controlled release of active ingredients, hence increased life of finished product.
  • Effective at low addition levels (0.3 – 0.4%) in the final product
  • Easy dispersion in final product due to high surface area without affecting polymer properties



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