Polynexxt Silonex -Silicon Concentrate

Polynexxt Silonex features a very high concentration of ultra-high molecular weight siloxane, dispersed in a dry pellet form across various thermoplastics. Designed as an additive for polyethylene-compatible systems, it imparts processing improvements and modifies surface characteristics. While liquid siloxane plastic additives have long been used to enhance the lubricity and flow of thermoplastics, their incorporation into thermoplastic melts often requires specialized equipment. However, Polynexxt Silonex eliminates these difficulties by providing the benefits in a convenient pellet form.

Benefits of Silonex

When added to polyethylene or similar thermoplastics at concentrations of 0.2% to 2.0%, Polynexxt Silonex enhances processing and flow, resulting in better mold filling, reduced extruder torque, internal lubrication, mold release, and faster throughput. At higher concentrations of 2% to 6%, it improves surface properties, such as lubricity, slip, and a lower coefficient of friction. Compared to conventional lower molecular weight siloxane additives, it offers superior benefits, including reduced screw slippage, enhanced release, fewer paint and printing issues, and a wider range of performance capabilities.

Improved Processing and Flow (0.2% to 2.0%)
  • Better mold filling
  • Reduced extruder torque
  • Enhanced internal lubrication
  • Easier mold release
  • Faster throughput
Enhanced Surface Properties (2% to 6%)
  • Increased lubricity
  • Better slip
  • Lower coefficient of friction
Superior Performance Compared to Conventional Additives
  • Less screw slippage
  • Improved release
  • Fewer paint and printing problems
  • Broader range of performance capabilities



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